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Best Sacramento Indie Bookstores

Best Downtown Bookstores

Beers Books-Best Bookstore to Shop For Yourself

915 S Street

The crown jewel of Sacramento’s bookstore scene, Beers Books has a great walkability score, just off the beaten path of the R Street corridor, and an even better spread of books. A pretty even distribution of both new and used, Beers has fair prices that align most straightforwardly with the condition of the book. In other words, if you get an older, slightly more beat up copy, you spend less. The beauty here is that Beers stocks multiple copies of big hitters and classics, so you will most likely have a price range to choose from. They always have rotating bargains, and while not all sections are as plumped out as others (such as the language section being more well rounded than the art one), there’s a steady effort. With endearing touches such as their postcard rack and a thorough local publications section, Beers Books remains the most quintessential stop in Sacramento.

Photo via: A Modern Day Couple Blog

Capital Books-Best Bookstore For New Books & Gifting

Image via Yelp

1011 K Street

Capital Books is the newest bookstore in Sacramento, and one of the newest shops on the ever-redeveloping K Street. A breath of fresh air and an intoxicating breath of new books, Capital Books currently curates new books. They boast a wonderful contemporary selection of the latest and greatest. With a lovely book corner for children, and an exquisite cookbook section, this new neighbor on K is a crowd pleaser. Capital Books is an excellent place to treat yourself, or to find a niche or trending book to gift.

Best Midtown Bookstore

Time Tested Books-Best Bookstore To Walk To

1114 21st Street

Time Tested remains the premier midtown bookstore to get to on foot. They stock interesting titles, but are not always chocked with the classics you’d expect to exist at a staple bookstore. However, sections like religion, new releases, and philosophy are generous, which is a welcome change from other bookstores heavier on pulp fiction.

Best Around Town Bookstore

Friends of The Library, the Book Den-Best Place to Find Excellent Condition Books on Your To Read List

8250 E Belvedere Ave, Ste E

Image via Patch

If you’re ample on time and not looking for anything specific, you can get some of the best deals here. Their hours are slim, but, and especially if you are an educator or parent, there are excellent book deals here. For college students or bibliophiles, there are a plethora of must read titles lingering around usually in more pristine condition and much cheaper than their counterparts at other independent used bookstores.

Best Getaway Bookstore

The Bookery-Best Place To Take A Drive To

326 Main Street, Placerville

If you’re looking to feel like Belle for a day, or that you stumbled into an old New York used bookstore, stuffed to the brim with piles up and down the walls and spilling around your feet, you’ll be headed to the right place. You can get a whole pile of treasures here decently priced, more curated and stocked with tangential subject related material than you’d expect. The Bookery is tucked into a quaint section of Main Street, so it’s easy to enjoy a cup of coffee or quiet meal in a goldrush-era setting before heading back to the city.


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